A cool cat. At least I think so.

Can I call myself a 90s kid if I was born in '92? Working full time has been the way since '14, tailoring that to a cycling schedule since '15. I draw inspiration from Hip-Hop music, street art, and the world that surrounds me. "Fuck jiggy, I'm gorgeous" - A$AP Rocky.

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Built for hills. Skinny bike for a skinny guy.

Live by the crank, die by the crank. Riding a push bike since '14. The greatest loves of my life have 2 wheels and handlebars, rolling gives me a feeling comparable to nothing else and road bikes changed my life.

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Eat good, drink good. Carbs for days.

Not a foodie by any means, but what's life without a good plate of food to eat? If you haven't tried rice on bread, you should. Lucky to be skinny, but I know the struggle of that post-teenage gut.

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Made with love in the 6006.